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  • "It was Life-Time Experience! What a beautiful place, people, teachers, atmosphere, rooms, program. It was exactly as description - we got a lucky chance to get know and study Traditional Yoga, with all spiritual, mindful and physical activities. The schedule was just perfect - we had many different classes with proper break in between. So we had enough time to rest our body and mind and to continue our studies. Right now I feel I am ready to go and teach my class on my own. On top of all - it was humble but very comfortable staying, with hot shower and fans. The most beautiful part is that in Avatar Yoga School it's always small groups, not more than 10. We were 7 of us from all over the world and we became a true family, we were supporting each other on the way and had Great Spirit of unity and true community. I will definitely recommend Avatar Yoga School to all people who want to come and learn True Yoga from the very first sours - the mother land of Yoga - by Holy Ganges and Himalaya Mountains and professional teacher who share their deep practice and experience from the very heart and soul."

    Zhanna Svyrydova, - Ukraine

  • "When I diced to come to India to do my TTC, I was not sure where to do it, and where to stay. But luckily I found this beautiful place and awesome school. It was the best decision ever, I'm really happy of this great opportunity. Here Is where I met really nice people, my colleges and now friends from different parts of the world, and the people who work here in the hostel, and really great teachers with lot of knowledge! The course it was just perfect, with small group of people so the teachers could be aware of each person, and we learn in a proper way. The hostel is really nice and clean, all the staff is really lovely! And the food it's perfect for yogi diet. Away from the noise of the city, and really close to the market and Ganga, you can just walk 5 minutes and you will be there. Beautiful experience, I definitely recommend it!"

    Clau Martínez, - Chili

  • "My last 4 weeks have been an incredible journey, thanks to wonderful Avatar Yoga School. When you come there, it’s not only about doing asanas, it’s about joining an open hearted family. Always there for you, always someone you can talk to and always ready for answering any of your questions. The food is very good (it’s a yogic diet). The rooms are clean. I already have my certificate right now, but I am sure I will come back again! Thank you very much! Always worth a journey! Love, Tanja"

    Tanja Erhart, - Austria

  • "I cannot bring in words what I experienced at this place! It was definitely life changing in good way. The teacher where all Master in there subject and we got a good amount of attention from them because in total where just 7 people. Also the thinks around like food, accommodation and the other team members were seriously amazing. It felt after a short while really like home. Last think Ram Jhula the area around the place is relax so there is less destruction which help you in this time. If you look for a different and authentic TTC experience go there and do the best out of it."

    Vincent Böhm, - France

  • "I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training course at Avatar Yoga in December 2015. I found the course to be comprehensive, insightful, challenging and fun. I appreciated the smaller class size and the personal attention that I received. The staff are super-knowledgable and treat you like family. Really great experience!"
    Source: Trip Advisor

    Lucy B, - New Orleans, Louisiana

  • "I am truly grateful to Yogi Brajesh and Avatar Yoga School for their care and dedication to passing on the wisdom of the real path of yoga. What I learned there I didn't find from any other yoga teachers in India or back home. Don't hesitate to attend this school."
    Source: Trip Advisor

    Michaelangelosdavid, - Long Island, New York

  • "I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Avatar Yoga School in Dec 2014. It was a fantastic course with many helpful and knowledgable teachers who guided me skillfully from yoga novice to experienced practitioner. The schedule could be challenging at times but it was well worth the result. I learned so much about yoga philosophy, practice, anatomy and teaching skills. Highly reccommend to anyone looking to become a yoga teacher!"
    Source: Trip Advisor

    ammaslove2015, - Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • "Avatar Yoga School and its founder Yogi Brajesh offer very slow and meditative Hatha yoga that puts you into relaxation and meditation while keeping your body happy. I always preferred exactly this kind of yoga as I get my physical exercise from straightforward running and pumping iron. Slow hatha is ideal alternative to simple vipassana-like seating. Yogi Brajesh does it in very gentle, caring and professional manner."
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    dmitrykulish, - Moscow, Russia

  • "I recently spent 6 weeks studying yoga at the Avatar Yoga School in Rishikesh. I am an experienced practitioner and at this school I was able to go much deeper with my practice. I have found a new connection with yoga inside myself as a result, and the inspiration to continue on my spiritual path. Yogi Brajesh has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share - not just about asanas, but with regards to the tradition and philosophy of hatha yoga, as well as how to structure your practice in such a way to reach a deep meditative state. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from him and encourage you to do so as well while in Rishikesh."
    Source: Trip Advisor

    jessaquarius, - Brooklyn, New York

  • "I recently completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Avatar Yoga School and I have to say that the course and the teachers are fabulous! It's the best yoga school in Rishikesh!"                                                                                                                  
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    Kate Almquist

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