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About Yog Rishi Brajesh

Yog Rishi Brajesh Sharma

Brajesh Yogi is the founder of Avatar Yoga School as well as its lead instructor (ERYT-200, RYT 300). He is qualified from Agra University in Agra, India and earned a Yoga Diploma (D.Y.Ed) from Kaivalyadham, Lonavla, Pune. Brajesh is also qualified in satsang about upnishadic and vedic knowledge, as well as Vedanta and Guru Parampara by Shri Guruji from Vrindavan. In addition, he is a direct disciple of Shri O.P. Tiwariji (Head of Kaivalyadham, Lonavla). He has taught yoga in Switzerland, China, Japan, Russia and Ukraine.

Yog Rishi Brajesh is trained through the internationally known school, Kaivalyadham lonavla Pune, and a direct disciple of World-renowned Guru Shri O.P Tiwari Ji. Born into a very spiritual Brahman Hindu family in sacred bateshwar,near Agra, Brajesh had a passion for yoga at a very young age and early on, recognized it's power for human advancement.

Since 2005, Brajesh has been teaching asana pranayama mudra bandha meditation Kundliny Yoga, Kriya Yoga and sharing the knowledge of Guru Parmpra in Rishikesh. He is a strong believer that it is not the level of difficulty of the asana, but the manor of awareness in which the asana is performed. Brajesh teaches all levels of the traditional form of Hatha Yoga, as well as yoga therapy for healing, yogic sleep, yogic cleansing, Pranayama, meditation, Vendanta Philosophy and Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

Brajesh most enjoys instructing the Teacher Training Courses throughout the year; It is such a powerful experience for those wishing to make the transformation from student to teacher, current teachers wishing to strengthen their knowledge, or students who wish to explore yoga in much deeper realms.