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About Our Yoga Teachers (Yog Gurus)


Yogi Brajesh Sharma Ji
Founder/Yoga Teacher

Brajesh Yogi is the founder of Avatar Yoga School as well as its lead instructor (ERYT-200, RYT 300). He is qualified from Agra University in Agra, India and earned a Yoga Diploma (D.Y.Ed) from Kaivalyadham, Lonavla, Pune.

Brajesh is also qualified in satsang about upnishadic and vedic knowledge, as well as Vedanta and Guru Parampara by Shri Guruji from Vrindavan. In addition, he is a direct disciple of Shri O.P. Tiwariji (Head of Kaivalyadham, Lonavla).

He has taught yoga in Switzerland, China, Japan, Russia and Ukraine.


Yogi Vimal Sharma Ji
Philosophy Teacher

Born and brought up in a traditional family of North India, Archarya Vimal enjoyed the serenity of Himalayas since his childhood. Learning yoga from the age of 11 years, he has fully immersed himself in this field.

His long list of educational qualification includes Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit, a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, a PG diploma in Yogic Science and is currently pursuing his PhD.

Discovering himself under the guidance of Maha Mandaleshwara Sri Swami Veda Bharati in 2005 (a disciple of Swami Rama), Acharya Vimal learned yoga, mantra and other mystic methods with strong will and dedication.


Yogi Anop ji
Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama Teacher

Having a vast experience in the field of yoga and meditation; Yogi Anup is a well-professional Yog Guru of our yoga school in Rishikesh, Avatar Yoga. Well! he is specialized in Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Yogic Cleansing Methods at all levels.

Before teaching in Avatar Yoga, yogi Anup also teaches in many well-recognized yoga institutes in Rishikesh. From Kaivalyadham (India's most recognized yoga school), Anup Ji completed his postgraduate diploma.

Anup is the teacher at Avatar Yoga School, loved by all the students! Yogi Anup simple aims to connect the body, breath and mind with his yogic techniques and spread the holistic & healthy lifestyle of yoga in the most traditional way. He always loves to encourage his students to accept all aspects of yoga and practice them at the same time.


Guru Buddhi Prakash Ji
Meditation & Philosophy Teacher

M.A in Hindi Literature & Yoga Philosophy; Guru Buddhi Prakash Ji is a Meditation & Philosophy teacher at Avatar Yoga School. At the age of 7 years, he gains the first experience of Samadhi. He completed the higher education from Haridwar& Agra Universities.

He spread the knowledge of yoga to many of the countries and is now conducting his classes at Avatar Yoga School. He holds the 40 years of teaching experience and a profound knowledge of Indian Philosophy including Patanjali Yoga Sutra & Shiv Sutras.

In the year of 2015, he is awarded by the Yash Bharti Award by Chief Minister of UP Government.


Yogi Manoj Singh Jethuri Ji
Hatha Yoga Teacher

Manoj Singh Jethuri is a Hatha Yoga Teacher at our yoga school in Rishikesh, Avatar Yoga who teaches yoga with utmost proficiency to the beginner level to the advanced level of students.

Having a professional teacher like Manoj, who holds an expertise of 4 years in this field is certainly our fortune and we are proud of him and his style of teaching. Yoga is in the veins of Manoj as he was born in the city of Rishikesh (popularly known as Yoga Capital of the World).

He holds the master degree in Yoga from Punjab Singh Kshetra School, Rishikesh, India!


Yogi Vimal Bijalwan Ji
Hatha Yoga Teacher

Born and Bought up in the yogic city of Rishikesh; Yogi Vimal Ji feels a great connection with yoga and its aspects. He is presently a knowledgeable yoga teacher in our yoga school with tons of yogic skills.

Yogi Vimal Bijalwan starts his journey of yoga in the feet of Swami Sivananda Ji at Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh where he got the first yoga lesson under the guidance of expert yoga master. After this, he completed his post graduation in yogic science.

He is very thankful to Maa Ganga for this beautiful yogic life.


Himanshu Mishra Ji
Mantra Chanting Teacher

Master in Traditional Mantra Chanting, Himanshu Mishra is spreading the knowledge of it with yoga aspirants globally. He used to sing in Parmarth Ganga Aarti and amazed everyone with his soothing voice.

He gets the Master Degree in Traditional Mantra Chanting from Parmarth Niketan, Gurukul. He conducts his every class with a great energy and spiritualism. He really adds a charm to his class.

He starts each Teacher Traininig Course with Puja and ends the same way!


Swami Atmananada Ji
Meditation, Inspirational and Spiritual Guide (Guest Teacher)

Swami Atmananada Ji, Guest Teacher at Avatar Yoga School, Rishikesh was born in the ayurvedic city of Kerala. He was attracted by nature since childhood but was unaware of his hidden spiritual capabilities.

He took up Homeopathy & Naturopathy due to the humble motive of helping people and let them fight against diseases. After gaining the knowledge of both of the medicinal science, he moves towards the journey of yoga.

In the year 2006, he started his yogic practice and since then, he dedicated his complete life to the teaching of yoga and its aspects. We are lucky to gain the yogic knowledge with the blessing and guidance of Swami Atmananada Ji.


Sachiko Sato
Guest Yoga Teacher

Sachiko Sato is an Avatar Yoga teacher in Tokyo Japan. In the Winter months, she shares her teaching talents with the teacher training students at Avatar Yoga School in Rishikesh.

Sachiko is inspired by sharing the gifts and healing teachings of yoga.

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